Electrodeionisation units can supply mixed bed ion exchange quality water - >15 MegOhms, <0.067 MicroSeimens/cm - continuously without regeneration.
Each unit is housed in a stainless steel cabinet with integrated power supply and control equipment. As a stand alone system Applied Ionics’ EDI units can replace mixed bed cylinders and regeneration units. (EDI advantages.pdf and UPW EDI LX.pdf).
Pre – engineered Electro-deionisation units SST EDI.jpg (689124 bytes) Ready to use EDI units, pre-validated pharmaceutical units and industrial models available
Ionpure LX Stack P1010027.JPG (30076 bytes) Modular EDI design allows for simple expansion from 200 litres per hour.
Full range of module sizes LX_Family.jpg (27285 bytes) Single stacks are available in a variety of sizes. Heat sanitisable modules, E-cell™ replacement and semi-conductor versions.
Combined RO/EDI system AIPRE500 bro.jpg (32963 bytes) Combined RO/EDI systems deliver high purity water without chemical regeneration or polishing cylinders.