Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis provides a primary purification stage for all types of water users. RO can replace de-alkalisation and most twin bed demineralisation systems. Using RO technology eliminates the need for acid and caustic regeneration chemicals and waste disposal.

Applied Ionics 4 inch units deliver the benefits of reverse osmosis for small application users. A high quality pre-engineered system mounted on a stainless steel skid with programmable micro-processor control. (AIRO 4inch.pdf)
Applied Ionics 8 inch units are specified for larger applications, our standard range covers 2 to 20 m3/hr. A skid mounted system with programmable control and optional monitoring system. (AIRO 8inch.pdf).

A water purification system in a single unit. Combining the benefits of reverse osmosis and electrodeionisation to produce high purity water, without regeneration chemicals or exchange cylinders.

Each unit is mounted on a stainless steel skid with integrated controls and quality monitoring instruments. (AIRE 150-4000.pdf)
High Rejection 300 lph RO unit AIRO300.jpg (110794 bytes) Reverse osmosis unit high rejection model.
High Efficiency 900 lph RO unit AIRO900.jpg (468540 bytes) Reverse osmosis unit energy efficient low energy model.
Reverse Osmosis Spares RO Membranes.jpg (5993 bytes)

RO membranes from Dow, Hydranautics, Koch/Fluid Systems, GE Osmonics.

RO chemicals: anti-scalants, cleaners and sanitants.
Maintenance services: troubleshooting, membrane autopsy, loading/unloading and cleaning.
RO spares; controllers, pumps, dosing pumps and filter cartridges.